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Check Out Head of NY Rotary Club And You May Get To The Bottom Of Who Caused 9/11

Connections go deep to the White House and Vatican, according to Illuminati insiders. Further, high level P2 Masons knew about 9/11 before it happened.
By Greg SzymanskiApril 18, 2007

Leo Zagami, a former high level Mason and member of the Illuminati, said the head of the Monte Carlo P2 Lodge and the head of the New York Rotary Club, Georgio Hugo Balestrieri, told him in private conversations they had prior knowledge of 9/11.

The conversations, according to Zagami, took place in Europe before 9/11, adding that he had personal information many high level Masons overseas also had prior knowledge of 9/11,including former P2 head and personal friend of former President Reagan, Licio Gelli.Zagami said these European connections lead directly to the Vatican and especially the Jesuit Gen., Fr. Peter Hans Kolvenbach, who were instrumental in hatching and carrying out the 9/11 tragedy.

Further, he added these connections will lead to high-level U.S. and Vatican officials like President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Cardinal Egan and former New York Mayor Giuliani, all who had prior knowledge and were instrumental in causing 9/11.Besides Zagami, a high level insider has been feeding information to the Arctic Beacon about Balestrieri's connection to 9/11 and other Illuminati wrongdoings as well as his Vatican and U.S. connections, saying "you are at the tip of an iceberg that is 10 kilometers below the surface."The source added Balestrieri is a lower level Illuminati minion and thug who has at least two higher levels working above him and directing his activities, which now include his position as head of the New York Rotary Club as well as business holdings in U.S. airport security.

In a previous Arctic Beacon article, the source provided inside information about Balestrieri's New World Order connections to the Vatican, U.S. officials and P2 members abroad. The source now adds more information, referring to Balestrieri as B:B is a low level Ninja who gets his orders from a couple of layers high above him.The day of 911 he was conveniently not at his office but at a Rotary meeting at the UN.B is currently being investigated by a couple of European (UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria etc.) services and the Russians. Due to his old connections to Russia it is suspected that he is instrumental in helping to facilitate the Russian 'informal' sector in the Republic of San Marino.

San Marino is a totally independent country, and a landlocked territory right near Rimini/Italy - Adriatic Sea - . San Marino is not an EU member but is allowed to use the EURO. The Russian mobsters try to anchor into San Marino with gambling operations. This is a nightmare for the Italian government since they could not touch them there. The middle of the Adriatic Sea are international waters. The mobsters are meeting out there with their interlocutors from the mainland and it is very easy for them to slip in and out. Since the Ugolini Foundation is registered in San Marino and its president Boccardelli has diplomatic status, B is believed to try to use this structure as a Trojan donkey for his hidden agenda to facilitate the Russians so they can establish casino there to launder their money and to run drugs via the Kosovo/Albania through San Marino into the EU. It is a fact that Boccardelli is absolutely clueless with respect to B really is and what is agenda is. (see details below). B seems also to use the humanitarian container 'relieve' shipments to wherever, to ship whatever else is shipped in those containers to those countries.

After all, he has been doing this in the past.B's Turkish activities with Kaan Soyak are also being investigated. Kaan Soyak is also an US 'asset' being told what to do by his higher ups.B was at one time involved in business that related to Barsani in the Kurdish part of Iraq but it is believed that he was squeezed out there due to his utter incompetence.

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